Student Voice

‘Students make an exceptional contribution to the life of the college, responding enthusiastically to opportunities to shape decisions about its future.’  Ofsted

We are currently moving into the second wave of our Student Voice programme, ‘by students for students’, and the teachers that were previously the Student Action Group champions will now step down. Their place will be taken by sixth form students. The student council is selecting students to take up the various roles.

Our model for Student Voice at Uplands consists of five Student Action Groups (SAG) and two Student Councils, one for Key Stage 3 and one for Key Stage 4. The Student Action Groups are:

1. Environment
This group work on all aspects from recycling and reducing power use to improving the physical environment itself. They enter national competitions focussed on reducing impact on the environment and contribute to school recycling initiatives.

2. Community
This Student Action Group deal with all aspects relating to Uplands' own community and the local community. They provide feedback for local groups on matters such as local land use and planning charity events.

3. People
This group is responsible for interviewing staff that apply to work at Uplands, ranging from cover supervisors to Deputy Headteacher positions. Their views are communicated directly to the Headteacher as part of the whole interview process.

4. Communications
This group deals with the transfer of information from teacher to student and student to student. Together the group work on all aspects of communication from website presence for the Student Voice teams to in school communications.

5. Learning
The Learning Group focus on all aspects of in school learning, from assisting with writing the learning policy to taking part in learning walks around the school. They give feedback to the teaching staff on how learning is received.

Student Councils (Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4)

Due to record numbers attending the meetings the Student Council elected to divide into two councils; one for Key Stage 3 and one for Key Stage 4. The Student Council groups are the central hub of the Uplands model. There is a Student Council meeting every from term 2 through to 6. Each form group has a representative on the Student Council so that the views of all the students can be directly communicated to the Leadership Team.

Faculty Student Voice

Each faculty is responsible for running its own Student Voice programme. This enables them to respond to students views on learning in each area.