Pastoral care

The College has a Head of Year system and each year is led by a Head of Year who has overall responsibility for the academic and personal welfare of the students in their year group. The Head of Year system encourages continuity of contact for parents and students, and develops a sense of identity for the student. The system helps us to ensure that every child is known.

The form tutor is the meeting point for the student's home and school life. The tutor should be the first point of reference should parents have any concerns and, as a matter of course, the form tutor will contact parents should the need arise.

There is a set of Core Expectations for students, which lays down guidelines for good behaviour, and an Anti-Bullying Policy which outlines the procedures should there be a need. A part-time counselling service is available to students, and arrangements should be made in liaison with the Head of Year.


Heads of Year and Heads of Faculty run a lunchtime detention system should it be necessary. If a student chooses not to attend a Faculty or Head of Year detention, then this is escalated to Leadership Team detention which is held every Tuesday between 3.25 pm and 4.25 pm. There is also a Headteachers' detention held every Friday between 3.25 pm and 4.25 pm for more serious misdemeanours. For any after school detention we will normally give at least 24 hours' notice, so that parents are aware of the late arrival home and can make necessary transport arrangements, but please be advised that this is a courtesy rather than a legal requirement.

External guidance services

The College is able to put parents and students in touch with expert professional advice. The East Sussex Behaviour and Attendance Service (ESBAS) act as a link between college and home and they deal with matters of attendance and behaviour.