GCSE Results

All the staff at Uplands congratulate our Year 11 on another hugely successful year of GCSE results, with the vast majority of our students achieving passes in five or more subjects.  As a comprehensive, we pride ourselves not just on our continued success in traditional academic studies but that this success spreads across our full curriculum.  We are delighted that so many of our students, possessing so many different combinations of talents, continue to flourish at our school.  In addition to the continued tradition of success in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Spanish and English, this year we would also give particular honour to our students of BTEC Business, Music, Product Design and Food Technology – all subjects of which boast pass rates of 80% or higher.

Against such a backdrop of success, there are always talented individuals who rise to the very top.  This year, we would all like to give very special praise to the following students - we are thrilled that your hard work and dedication over the last five years has finally reaped the rewards you so richly deserve:

Elena Martin-Meredeen:    7 grade 9’s, 1 grade 8

Amy Smith:                     3 grade 9’s, 1 A*, 4 grade 8’s, 1 grade 7

Sophie O’Flaherty:           3 grade 9’s, 4 grade 8’s, 1 grade 7

Phoebe Neville:               3 grade 9’s, 3 grade 8’s and 2 grade 7’s

Catherine Cook:               3 grade 9’s, 3 grade 8’s, 1 A*, 1 grade 7

Rosie Saunders:               1 grade 9, 1 A*, 2 grade 8’s, 5 grade 7’s

Imogen Saker:                 1 grade 9, 3 grade 8’s, 4 grade 7’s

Olivia Kavanagh-Spall:      1 grade 9, 2 grade 8’s, 3 grade 7’s

Freya Wakelin:                 1 grade 9, 1 grade 8, 6 grade 7’s

Luca Rosenberg:              5 grade 8’s, 1 grade 7

Nancy Blake:                    1 grade 8, 6 grade 7’s

In even more good news, our Year 10’s look set to continue (if not surpass) this high standard, having already distinguished themselves with a massively impressive performance in their English Literature GCSE.  Flying in the face of the national trend this year, a mighty 82% of our students achieved a pass grade – with 49 individuals achieving a grade of 7 or higher.  Exceptional attainment was made at the very exclusive grade 9, with no fewer than 11 of our students being awarded this prestigious level.  Very special congratulations to:

Leila Alexander

Tallulah Denholm

Millie Evans

Megan Farrington Bird

Ffion Jones

Freya Meeds

Charlie Padfield

Francesca Richardson

Jocelyn Rowe

Lana Wallace-Browne

Eleanor Reid

As a final note, the Leadership Team would also like to thank all our staff – both teaching and non-teaching - for their tireless dedication, generosity of time and professionalism in support of all our students achieving their potential.  We hope the summer break has been a good one – and we look forward to seeing you all next week and doing it all over again!

The Leadership Team

A Level Results

In a year heralding the arrival of significantly tougher A Levels in most subjects, Uplands is very proud of our comprehensive intake’s outcomes.  A quarter of all entries were awarded the very top grades in their course; we are once again delighted to see so many of our Year 13 successfully gain university places at some of the best colleges in the UK.  Similar success was experienced across the full spectrum of grades, with further students already gaining apprenticeships and employment as a result of all their hard work.  We wish all our students nothing but the very best for the next chapter of their lives.

Outgoing Headteacher Liam Collins also congratulated the staff on their professionalism and dedication in implementing the new A Level specifications.

Notable results include:

  • Anabel Dyson A*AAB;
  • Alexandra Kemp A*AAB;
  • Emily Bodenham-Longhurst AABBC;                 
  • William Sweatman AAA;
  • Amy Williams-Bone BBB;
  • Katie Straw BBB;
  • Lucy Spencer BBB;
  • Josh Dean ABC;
  • Alex Fisher A*ABC;
  • Alice McCracken ABC;
  • Niamh McCulloch Distinction* ABC;
  • Anna Parkinson A Distinction C;
  • Jenson Rowley Distinction* Distinction* C.

August 2018

  • Progress 8 score: -0.04
  • Attainment 8 score: - 46.24
  • Percentage of pupils achieving a good pass in English and mathematics: - 32.82%
  • Percentage of pupils achieving a standard pass in English and mathematics: - 64%
  • Percentage of pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate: 8%
  • Average point score per A Level expressed as a grade: C-
  • Average point score per A Level entry: 27.34
  • Average point score per academic entry expressed as an A Level grade: C-
  • Average point score per academic entry: 27.45
  • Average point score per applied general entry expresseed as a vocational grade: Merit
  • Average point score per applied general entry: 25.77

August 2017

  • Progress 8 score: -0.11
  • Attainment 8 score - 47.8
  • Percentage of pupils achieving a good pass in English and mathematics - 30%
  • Percentage of pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate - 12%

Key Stage 4

Overall Key Stage 4 GCSE results

2016 2015 2014 2013
% 5A* - C inc. English/mathematics 74% 68% 70% 72%
% of pupils making expected progress in English 96% 81% 89% 85%
% of pupils making expected progress in mathematics 76%  80% 65% 81%
Key Stage 4 Core Subjects 2016 2015 2014 2013
% A*- C English 96% 85% 85% 86%
% A*- C mathematics 76% 74% 72% 80%
Key Stage 5
Key Stage 5 GCE (A2) 2016 2015 2014 2013
A*/A 22% 22% 18% 13%
A*/B 43% 53% 44% 31%
A*- C 70% 81% 71% 57%
A*- E 96% 100% 99% 96%
APS (per student) 577 762 727 634
APS (per entry) 213 218 209 189

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Ofsted Report July 2013