Key Stage 3 - Homework Overview

Subject What does it involve and where do I find it? Amount of time per week
Art Projects will be set every two weeks by your teacher. You should spend 40 minutes across the two weeks on your work. Details and examples of student work can be found on the VLE. In year 8, you are expected to spend 50 minutes per fortnight and in year 9, one hour. 20-30 minutes
Geography Geography Independent Learning Projects are available on the VLE. Your teacher will set deadlines. 20 minutes
History Independent Learning Projects for History are linked to the topics studied in class. These can be found on the VLE; occasionally, tasks which build upon classwork will be set by the teacher.   20 minutes
English You are encouraged to read for 15 minutes at least twice a week. On the VLE, you will find a reading journal to keep track of your reading and some creative tasks. The journal and tasks should take around 20 minutes.   50 minutes
French/Spanish Homework in Languages can be accessed via vocabexpress.com. There will be a combination of vocabulary tests and assignments set by your teacher. 30 minutes
Maths Homework in Maths uses the programme MyMaths.co.uk. There are links to the relevant topics to study on the VLE. 40 minutes
Religious Studies In year 7, you will complete three projects on major world religions. These projects can be found on the VLE. 20 minutes
Science Independent Learning Projects are available on the VLE covering a range of material from the three sciences. There are also scientific keywords to learn. 30 minutes
Technology You will do a combination of tasks and Independent Learning Projects for the different subjects in Technology. Further details can be found on the VLE. 30 minutes
Approximate total: 4h 20


Homework will not be set in ICT, Drama or PE. You will be set some pieces of homework in Music although this will not be on a weekly basis. For Citizenship, you are advised to watch the news regularly. If you are interested in extending your learning in any subject, please speak to your teacher.

Organising your time

Because of the way the timetable is organised (lessons are taught at different times to different groups), it is not possible to have a single homework timetable that works for everyone.

As long as you meet the teacher’s deadline, you can choose when to complete your homework. It may be a good idea, however, to have a rough plan for which subjects you will cover each night.

A general plan you could follow:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Art English   Science English
French History French/Spanish Technology Religious Studies
Science Maths Geography   Maths

My personalised homework plan:

Download your own homework plan to print and personalise