Sixth Form News


January 2018 Update


Many different events have taken place this month, from the beginning of the Sixth Form Mocks, visiting local secondary schools to hearing about the experiences of two of our students who visited Auschwitz.

The mocks start on 29th January and last for two weeks, students have all been given a personalized exam timetable and have received taught tutor sessions on different revision techniques in to the run up to the mocks.


Two of our students visited Auschwitz, as part of the  ‘Lessons From Auschwitz’ Project gave a very touching assembly to the whole of the Sixth Form.

This is their account that they wrote for the project:

This project enabled us to have a more in depth understanding of the events of the Holocaust. From visiting both Auschwitz I and Auschwitz-Birkenau II, it helped to understand the size and volume of people who were sent to these specific Concentration/Extermination camps. As well as the help of our local tour guide and the information booklets, we were able to learn more about the lives of these people who were incarcerated by the Nazis in the museum and with our Group Leader, Alex. Both of these experiences combined helped me to realise the importance of this time period in history and the significance of informing others of this event.

As well as seeing the camps, we were able to visit the small town called Oswiecim in Southern Poland, to see what life for the Jewish would’ve been like before the events of the Holocaust. By doing so, this had a significant impact when seeing the environment where the Jewish were forced into during their incarceration. Additionally, meeting Holocaust Survivor Rudi Oppenheimer and hearing his story in person helped me to be able to mentally connect people to the events of the Holocaust. As someone who has no family connection to the Jewish community or Holocaust Survivors, this experience enabled me to be able to comprehend the struggle that the Jewish had, and fully understand why escape numbers for both camps were so low, considering the multitude of people who were taken from their homes and placed into these camps.

By doing this, we were able to elaborate on our experience during our time with the Holocaust Educational Trust and what they have helped us to do. This experience we had enabled us to step outside of a textbook lesson and see the world in which the Holocaust took place.