At Uplands we believe that a school uniform gives a sense of belonging and pride in the school whilst ensuring equality amongst students. In addition, a smart appearance contributes positively to the students' attitude to work and study; it also significantly influences how the school is portrayed to the general public.

The uniform suppliers for the college are Sussex Uniforms of Haywards Heath. In addition to their easy to use and efficient on-line ordering facility, they have a retail outlet in Haywards Heath (for details please visit their website www.sussexuniforms.co.uk).

For a mock up of the uniform please click here.

Trouser uniform

  • Black blazer with school badge on breast pocket;
  • White collared shirt* tucked in trousers - if any student wishes to wear anything under the white shirt e.g. t-shirt/vest, it must also be plain white;
  • The Uplands tie;
  • Black v-neck jumper, with the school logo - this is an optional item;
  • Black smart school trousers (not jeans or jean design. No low waist bands or 'skinny' design)*;
  • If a belt is worn, it must be plain black with a discrete buckle;
  • Plain black leather school shoes (no canvas)*.

Skirt uniform

  • Black official fitted jacket with school badge on breast pocket;
  • White collared shirt - either with a revered collar or a normal plain white shirt* tucked in to skirt - if any student wishes to wear anything under the white shirt e.g. t-shirt/vest, it must also be plain white;
  • Black v-neck jumper, with the school logo - this is an optional item and must not be tucked in to the skirt;
  • School tartan skirt, with waistband unrolled ;
  • Black tights in the winter and white socks in the summer ;
  • Plain black leather school shoes (no canvas)*.

PE Kit

Trousers Skirt

Winter / outdoor lessons

  • Black and white Uplands rugby shirt;
  • Uplands PE fleece (optional);
  • Black football shorts*;
  • Black tracksuit bottoms (optional)*;
  • Black rugby/football socks*;
  • Shin pads*;
  • Football boots*;
  • Trainers*.

Summer / indoor lessons

  • Black and white Uplands t-shirt;
  • Black shorts/black Uplands tracksuit bottoms;
  • White sports socks*;
  • Trainers*.

Winter / outdoor lessons

  • Black and white Uplands t-shirt;
  • Uplands PE fleece;;
  • Black shorts or skort*
  • Black tracksuit bottoms (optional)*;
  • Black lycra sports leggings (optional)*;
  • Shin pads*;
  • Black football socks*;
  • Trainers*.

Summer / indoor lessons

  • Black and white Uplands t-shirt;
  • Black shorts or skort*;
  • Black tracksuit bottoms (optional)*;
  • Black lycra sports leggings*;
  • Trainers*.

*Items can also be purchased from high street stores.

Outer garments should be sensible in style, with no large logos and preferably dark blue or black. Cardigans, padded shirts, sweatshirts, tracksuit tops, hooded sweatshirts or zip-up hoodies, leather and denim jackets are not suitable for school wear, and should not be worn – even under the blazer. Scarves should be dark.

Neither t-shirts nor sun-tops should be worn under shirts or blouses, except in cold weather during the winter months when plain white t-shirts may be worn under school shirts / blouses. Bras should be white in colour.

Shoes should be black, leather, sensible and appropriate for a working environment. Boots, fabric trainers and backless or open-toed shoes are not acceptable.

Hair styles should be reasonable, appropriate, neat and not extreme in style. No unnatural colours, two tone / dip–dye hair, no shaved lines / logos or distinct / sharp changes in the length of different sections – all changes in length should be graduated. Styles containing beads or cotton braiding is unacceptable. To avoid confrontation, please discuss any changes to your child’s hair with the College first if you are worried it may be in breach of these rules. Exceptional circumstances for cultural reasons should also be discussed with the College in advance.

Any jewellery must be discrete and is worn entirely at the owner's risk. The only type of earring permitted for school wear is a small ear stud, one per ear. Hooped earrings or any kind are not permitted. No visible necklaces or bracelets should be worn and rings are limited to one.  Facial piercings (for example but not limited to nose, eyebrow and tongue studs) are not permitted. Any prohibited jewellery / piercings will be confiscated and retainers are not to be worn.

Students may not wear nail varnish or any type of ‘fake nails’, including extensions / tips. Make-up should be discreet and natural in school and, if needed, students will be given facilities by staff for its removal. Fake eyelashes are not permitted and students wearing them will be asked to take them off.

We are determined that students should be in correct uniform and will monitor the situation closely throughout the year. Students wearing incorrect items of clothing, makeup and / or jewellery will be expected to change them immediately or be isolated, and we may ask that they are collected from school and returned in correct uniform. Difficulties also arise when students wear fabric trainers claiming injuries to their feet or ankles. Under such circumstances a note from the parent must be provided and every effort should be made to ensure the trainers are still black in colour. We will endeavour to make black plimsolls available to those students if necessary.

Mobile phones, music players and headphones

We understand the safety benefits of having a phone for the journey to and from school, therefore, students are permitted to bring electronic devices, including phones into College. However, we ask for your support in ensuring your child understands that from Wednesday 5th September 2018, as soon as students are on site, mobile devices and headphones must be switched off in school bags (not pockets), out of sight and earshot.

The expectation is simple – if it is seen or heard, it will be confiscated, unless on a rare occasion they are being used as part of the learning process and express permission has been given by the teacher.  If a parent / carer needs to contact their child during the school day, then we would ask that reception is called and a message will be passed on.  In the same way, if a child wishes to contact home then they will be able to go to reception at break or lunchtime, but all efforts should be made to minimize the need for this. Please note we cannot accept any responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged mobile devices and / or headphones. If any mobile phones, music players or headphones are repetitively visible or turned on (and audible) parents may be asked to collect the item/s.