East Sussex County Council provide coaches from Ticehurst and Stonegate, Burwash, Etchingham and Hurst Green also from Crowborough, Rotherfield and Mark Cross and from Mayfield. These routes are run by Hams Coaches.

There are public service buses to Tunbridge Wells that coincide with school session times. The 254 comes through Frant, the 256 follows a route to Lamberhurst and then Tunbridge Wells, and the 258 services Lamberhurst village through to Kilndown. There is also a public service bus which runs to Hawkhurst through Frant to Hurst Green. For more information, parents should contact one of the following numbers: East Sussex County Transport 0345 6080190, Kent 01622 605540.

If a bus is late at the end of school, students should remain at the stop and only make alternative arrangements in agreement with the member of staff on duty. The company will send a relief bus if the need arises.

Students travelling by bus must await its arrival and board in an orderly manner and behave well throughout the journey. The College will support decisions by the company to withdraw a pass because of misbehaviour. Cycles used as College transport must be roadworthy and may not be ridden on the premises. They are left in school entirely at the owner's risk.

To avoid congestion and possible accidents, parents bringing students to College by car are asked not to drive inside the College gates.

Students must use the footpath from the Greyhound Car Park.

OAST Minibus
The OAST minibus provides free transport at 4.45 pm (Monday to Friday) to Ticehurst, Stonegate, Hurst Green, Etchingham, Burwash and Flimwell for those students who are involved in after-school activities. Students are to wait in the bus shelter at the front of the science block.

East Sussex Freedom Pass
When a student applies to Uplands Community College, this information is sent to East Sussex County Council. From this information, they will assess whether a student is eligible for free travel. In:

  • Late April/Early May - Letters are sent home to notify parents of their child's eligibility for free travel;
  • Late July - Freedom Passes and timetables are sent home.

Other options
If you are not eligible for free travel:
Daily and weekly tickets are available from the bus driver.

It is NOT necessary to re-apply for a new Freedom Pass each year.

Kent - Young Person's Travel Pass  - Applying for a Young Person's Travel Pass

For a standard, full-price pass:

  • Parents need to apply via either online or by downloading a form and sending this off in the post;
  • Applications must be made by mid-July (usually around 17th July) otherwise the pass may not be ready for the new term in September.

For a discounted pass or free travel:
If parents think their child may be eligible for the half-price pass, or free travel, they need to download the T1A/ T1V form from and sent the completed form off in the post.

Re-applying - Parents need to re-apply each year

Young Person's Travel Pass - Cost
Whole year pass: £250.00
Half year pass: £125.00

If a student is from a low-income family:
Whole year: £125.00
Half year: £62.50

Some students are eligible for free travel:
A student may be eligible for FREE travel due to special circumstances such as disability and low family income.

What a Young Person's Travel Pass allows:

WHEN can it be used?
During term time between 6 am and 7 pm, Monday to Friday.

WHERE can it be used?
All buses in Kent and on journeys which end/start in Kent but may end/start just over the border into East Sussex.

Please contact Reception with any transport queries, 01892 782135.