Our staff

Teaching staff

Miss J. Alston BSc (Hons) Psychology
Mrs D. Baker BSc (Hons) Science
Miss E. Bennett BA (Hons) Lead Practitioner - SENCo
Mr S. Brooks BA (Hons) ICT Coordinator
Miss E. Broom BSc (Hons) PE, Head of Year
Mr C. Campbell BSc Mathematics
Miss K. Carlile PhD Head of Chemistry
Mr C. Channell MA Psychology
Mr L. Collins BA (Hons), NPQH, FRSA Headteacher, DSL
Mrs J. Court BA (Hons) Art and Design
Mr J. Cunningham BSc (Hons) Head of English
Mr R. Denholm MA Design and Technology
Mrs D. Dunbar BA (Hons) History, Geography, Joint Head of Year
Mr S. Dwyer BSc (Hons) Science, Head of Year
Miss R. Eggleton BA (Hons) Art and Design
Miss B. Eichler BA (Hons) English
Mr J. Evans MA Mathematics
Mrs S. Farnan BA (Hons) English
Miss A. Farrall BSc (Hons) Head of Culture
Mrs R. Goodey BSc (Hons) Science
Mr M. Green BA (Hons) Head of Humanities and Social Sciences
Ms K. Grennan BA (Hons) Head of Drama
Mr S. Ingram MA Head of History
Mr J. James BSc (Hons) Head of Music
Mr R. James BA (Hons) English, Head of Year
Mrs C. Jenkins BSc (Hons) PE, Joint Head of Year
Mr S. Joyce BSc (Hons) Head of Sport and Culture
Miss E. Leader BA (Hons) Music, Drama
Mr M. McFloyd BA (Hons) Deputy Head of English
Mrs M. Miles BA (Hons) Head of Arts
Mrs J. Mills MA History
Miss L. Mullins BSc (Hons) Geography
Ms J. Nicholls BEd Head of Design and Technology
Mr I. Pert BSc (Hons) Head of Physics
Mrs S. Price BSc (Hons) Head of Science
Mrs L. Richards BA (Hons) Deputy Headteacher - Teaching and Learning
Mr T. Richards BS (Hons) Assistant Headteacher - Achievement and Performance
Mrs C. Sargeant BSc (Hons) Lead Practitioner - Teaching and Learning
Miss S. Sharp BSc (Hons) Science, Professional Tutor
Mrs V. Sims BEd Head of Mathematics
Mr A. Smith BA (Hons), NPQH Deputy Headteacher - Achievement, Performance and Curriculum
Miss L. Stewart BA (Hons) Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs A. Stickland BSc (Hons) Design and Technology
Mr D. Sumner Geography
Mrs A. Sun BA (Hons) Mathematics
Ms A. Thomas BA (Hons) Assistant Headteacher - Head of Sixth Form
Mr G. Thraves MSc Head of Biology
Miss A Thunstrom BA (Hons) Head of Subject D&T
Mr L. Tullett BA (Hons) Head of years 12/13, ICT, Computing, Mathematics
Mrs J. Upstone BSc (Hons) Science, Joint Head of Year, Joint DSL
Ms L. Vallejo MA Spanish, Joint Head of Year, Joint DSL
Mrs M. Welch BSc Mathematics
Mrs S. Wilkins BSc (Hons) Business Studies and Law Coordinator
Mrs S. Wolfe BA (Hons) English

Support Staff

Mrs C. Ashdown Student Support 
Miss C. Ashton-Cobb Individual Needs Assistant
Mrs D. Atkinson HR and Office Manager
Mrs K. Bailey PA to the Headteacher
Ms E. Bihari Laboratory and Art/Technology Technician
Ms A. Christensen Laboratory Technician
Mrs M. Cordero Examinations Officer
Ms K. de Wolf Cover and MIS Manager
Mrs T. Filone Cover Supervisor
Mr K. Franieczek Performance Data and Target Setting Manager
Miss L. Gharti Magar Science Team Leader Technician
Mrs J. Gibb Higher Level Teaching Assistant 
Mr V. Gould Premises Team
Mrs C. Hall Design and Technology/Art Technician
Mrs S. Hanson Director of Finance, Business, Premises and Administration
Mr N. Harris ICT Systems Manager
Mrs G. Hayes-Fisher BA Higher Level Teaching Assistant for literacy
Mr M. Hobbs Premises Team
Mrs T. Jacques Finance Assistant
Mr S. Korteweg ICT Support
Mrs S. Lambert Attendance Officer
Mrs J. Lennox PA to the SENCo
Mrs G. Mitchell Receptionist/ Administrator
Mrs I. Page Teaching Assistant - maternity leave
Mrs J. Powell Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs A. Preston Reprographics and Post Room Technician
Mr R. Preston Premises Manager
Mrs H. Randall Student Support
Mrs L. Ring Receptionist/Administrator
Mrs K. Shaw Finance and Educational Visits Administrator
Ms G. Simmonds Learning Resource Centre Manager
Miss S. Sykes Teaching Assistant
Mrs S. Tolland Teaching Assistant
Ms S. Tree Laboratory Technician