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Our GPS Coordinates are:

Latitude 51° 3' 37.6" N
Longitude 0° 20' 25.3" E

Heads of Year

Head of Year 7

Mr R. James 
Heads  of Year 8
Mrs T. Gautier and Mrs C. Jenkins and 
Heads of Year 9
Mrs L. Vallejo and Mrs J. Upstone and 

Head of Year 10

Miss L. Broom 

Head of Year 11

Mr S. Dwyer 

Head of Years 12 and 13

Mr L. Tullett 

Non-teaching contacts

Director of Finance, Business, Premises, and Administration - Mrs S. Hanson 

PA to the Headteacher - Mrs K. Bailey 

HR and Office Manager - Mrs D. Atkinson 

MIS and Cover Manager - Mrs K. de Wolf 

Data and Target Setting Manager - Mr K. Franieczek 

Finance Assistant - Mrs T. Jacques 

PA to the SENCO - Mrs J Lennox 
Finance and Educational Visits Coordinator - Mrs K. Shaw  

Write to or visit us at:

Uplands Community College
Lower High Street
East Sussex

Please direct any queries to the email addresses below or contact main reception. Your query will then be passed to the relevant member of staff.

Senior Leadership Team

PA to the Headteacher - Mrs K. Bailey 
Deputy Headteacher - Mrs L. Richards 
Assistant HeadteacherMr T. Richards 
Assistant Headteacher - Ms. A Thomas 
Assistant HeadteacherMrs C. Sargeant  
Director of Finance, Business, Premises, and Administration - Mrs S. Hanson 

Heads of department

Head of English - Mr J. Cunningham 
Head of Mathematics - Mrs V. Sims 
Head of Science - Mrs S. Price  
Head of Arts - Mrs M. Miles
Head of Humanities - Mr M. Green 
Head of MFL - Mrs A. Clayton 
Head of Sport and Culture - Mr S. Joyce  
Head of Technology - Miss A. Thunström 


Head of Biology - Mr G. Thraves  
Head of Chemistry - Ms K. Carlile  
Head of Culture - Miss A. Farrall 
Head of Drama - Ms K. Grennan 
Head of History - Mr S. Ingram 
Head of ICT - Mr S. Brooks  
Head of Music - Miss E. Leader 
Head of Business Studies/Law - Mrs S. Wilkins 
Head of Physics - Mr I. Pert 
SENCO - Ms J. Nicholls  

For a complete list of staff please click here